So… I Miss…


Its really becoming #HeWhoShallNotBeNamed

So it will be a year in August. I should be over this right? Well its become apparent to me that I might actually miss this guy.


We Snapchat very rarely. Its always, “Hey, How are you..”, type of thing.

But why should that even affect me anymore? Yeah, I may have been in love with the guy, about to move in, trying to repopulate… but why am I missing him?

I’ve dealt with my feelings. I’m looking forward to someone new. I don’t want to even look back. Not through his door. I’ve locked it and threw away the key for good


Every memory, every touch, every laugh
Its happening again. Even the dreams. I don’t want it anymore. The pain isn’t worth it especially when he really has a child with someone else (the reason we ended).

I don’t want that drama.

What is happening? Why am I even entertaining the thoughts?!?!

Help Me 😳


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